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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

There's Something

There's always something we can do. No matter how small and insignificant it seems at the time. Small gestures can bring big change.
If everyone who walked past our rescue table dropped the spare change in their pocket in our bucket: it would pay to spay/neuter dozens of dogs.
If people who can't foster, could transport: we'd save hundreds of dollars in transport fees.
If people who can't transport dogs, could pick up donations: we'd have more warm blankets and food for the dogs that are fostered.
If people who can't do any of the above, could find a way to spread the word about available dogs by facebook, fliers, or emails: more dogs would find homes.
If you fostered one dog every other month: you save 6 dogs a year from certain death.
Foster one a month: you saved 12 dogs.
Foster every two weeks or so (yes, some do move onto permanent homes that fast) and you've saved two dozen dogs that year.
If you start a food/toy/dog accessory drive in your church/school/work: costs of maintaining the rescue go down and more dogs are pulled from shelters.
If you start with one small thing, big changes happen in the life of that one small dog.
He finds a rescue.
He finds a foster.
He finds a warm house, good food and the vet care he needed.
He finds his forever home.
All because you did something.

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