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Saturday, March 26, 2011

What a Deer....

There's a little deer in my house now. Brianne weighs 7 lbs and likes cuddling, biscuits and her crate. (her safe haven) She came off an euthanasia list in Tennessee. As I hold this tiny bundle in my hands I wonder how anyone could have dumped such a helpless creature in a cold, lonely shelter. One that euthanizes on a daily basis.
Still, like most dogs, she wants nothing to love and be loved. She holds no hate in that tiny heart for those who did this to her. She only wonders what she did wrong.
I tell her she's a princess now and a family member of the Castle of Dreams
and from now on life will be good.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Not me, nope, never!

One thing a foster home has to struggle with is love. Of course you're going to care for each dog that comes through your house. The injured ones and puppies are the hardest because your heart aches as they heal from their wounds. Puppies are all goodness and love wrapped up in a furball. How could you not love?
But a foster has to harden their hearts to their own feelings and do the right thing. Find them a good forever home so we can move on and save the next one.
It's what we do.
We are rescue.
My latest foster is Buffy the Shih Tzu. She's a puppy mill dog from Missouri. She came with two ear infections and an infected spay incision. Very sad case. She was saved down to fuzz from the matting. I still see strange black little clumps in the hair close to the skin. We vetted, administered meds, cleaned her wound on a daily basis and slowly she perked up.
I took her to one home to adopt but she didn't get along with their dog so that was a no go.
Then the impossible happened. I fought hard. Suffered. Wrestled with my conscious. Weighed it. Discussed it and finally couldn't change the fact.
Buffy had stolen the heart I tried so hard to keep guarded.
My confession: I am a foster failure.
Here's my heart: