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Monday, May 18, 2015

How to Give a Cranky Dog a Pill

Dogs are so smart. They can take a piece of cheese or meat and gobble it up while spitting out the pill. It's almost like magic. No matter how well you wrap, squish, or sandwich that pill inside the treat, the dog deftly spits it back out. So, what's the best way to give a dog a pill?

Double time them! Aim for their predatory instinct.

This is Cupcake. She had a huge blood blister on her ear. Read that about that miss-adventure here. Now she takes meds every morning and night. She's an older pup and very savvy on how to get her own way so I had to outsmart her. Here's how I did it.

First, wrap the pill in something irresistible. I use roast beef. It's a special treat she only got when we were first training her and if she needs a pill.

Prepare the roast beef wrapped pill and then take another piece of meat that's a bit longer so you can dangle it.

Hold pill roast beef between your fingers, but palm the second piece.

Offer the first and once its taken from your fingers quickly slip the second piece out and dangle it in front of the dog's nose. Watch their eyes pop as they get the scent. Every dog I'd ever had would gobble the first quickly in order to get that second piece. Meat gone, pill gone! Works every time.

I've found the meat works better than those pill popper things. I believe it's because meat is a more natural choice and not as stickly/chewy as the poppers.

Good luck with your pill popping pups! Let me know how this method works for you.

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