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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fostering Dogs and Volunteering

Over all I've probably fostered about 100 dogs. I never realized there were so many of these lost souls through my home until I started to look through the files on my computer and saw all those furry faces. All went to good homes.
My last foster was Corona, the Chihuahua rescued from an abusive hoarder. Nine years old, fearful, she was at that point; unadoptable.
Good news! She's adopted. Right here, by me. It took so long to gain her trust I just decided to keep her. Now she joins my other fur-baby, Gracie the puppy mill Shih Tzu. Two quirky dogs. Corona doesn't know how to play, Gracie loves squeaky toys. They've come up with their own weird kind of play where Corona runs circles around Gracie with a bone in her mouth and Gracie barks at her.

My cat is 20 years old and having trouble walking. She's tiny and now frail, has to be lifted onto furniture and roams the house at night screaming.

So I'm taking a break from fostering for now. I don't want to risk this 20 year old frail cat to harassment by the puppies or danger an older, bigger dog can bring.  Sometimes when a dog first arrives it can be unpredictable. Even if cat-tested at the shelter, once in the home it could be different. Food or bed aggression could cause a problem.

Instead I'm at the adoption days, helping with fundraising, public relations and any other opportunity that comes up.

If you want to help homeless dogs and can't foster check out local rescue groups and find out what else is available.
Everything is part of the process that brings these wonderful dogs into their furever home.

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