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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hidden Cost of Rescue

These costs are just a fraction of what's spent on dogs in rescue. Some dogs come in with issues that cost thousands of dollars to cure.

Heart worm pups come in all the time and the loving people in rescue have to make a big decision. Do we let this beautiful 2 year old dog die or do we nurse him through treatment to live a good life? They always choose life. Add a couple of hundred dollars.

A litter of puppies come up from the south and immediately start displaying symptoms of Parvo, a nasty and contagious virus. These pups require around the clock nursing, medication and a foster that will deal with the other issues to prevent Parvo from spreading. Some puppies will require lengthy overnight boarding at the vet to get better. K-ching!  More unexpected costs.

A dog, fearful because of all the changes in his life, runs from his foster or new adoptive home and gets lost. Rescue angels immediately organize search parties to find this scared pup. If that doesn't work, they hire professionals. More $$$$ goes out. A good rescue never gives up on any dog that comes into their care.

Foster families still need to feed the dogs in their care. Some fosters are able to afford the food themselves, others receive food from the rescue. Hopefully, this food has been donated by wonderful companies or caring people. If not, it needs to be purchased. K-ching! More $$$

So aside from the fees listed in this little cartoon, there are plenty of hidden costs associated with Rescue. If I thought about it a little longer, I'm sure I'd remember more. I'm sure tomorrow something else will come up, another fee, another unexpected expense, but the rescue will manage to cover it. A good rescue takes full responsibility for their dog.

One special needs dog is Clarence a Newfie found sick and injured. He's coming into the Castle of Dreams to find a family, but first he has major medical bills. Clarence's full story can be found here;

Fundraising is year 'round and constant. The rescue volunteers are constantly looking for new ways to make money to care for the dogs. If you see a rescue set up at a pet store, park or other venue drop your spare change in their jar or leave a couple bucks in the donation box. A little goes a long way in the work to save just one more dog or puppy.

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