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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Gracie Home Again

Gracie took a while to wake up at the vet and I kept calling and calling. Nervous mama.

But she's home now and determine to lick her self better. During the day I'll just watch her but at night or if we go out, its cone time. After I got the cone on her she walked in circles. Between the sore paw that she's limping on and the cone, she has no navigational skills left. She just flops around in circles until she flops down. Then she glares at me, "what did you do to me Mom?"

But we're taking our meds (pain killer, inflamation killer and antibiotics) with yummy chicken and cheese and that's got her smiling again.

We go back next week for biopsy results and to have our stitches out. Please pray for good results on the biopsy. Gracie's had a hard life. She deserves a break and a good life from here on.

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