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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dog Food Reviews, Recalls, & Alerts

With all the scary recalls on dog food and dog treats hitting the news lately its best to be on high alert when purchasing anything for your dog. One of my favorite places on the web for dog food reviews is Dog Food Advisor. On this site you can check out any food for nutritional value, see best and worst rated foods and sign up for recall alerts. They rate all dog foods and give all the details of each ingredient. They explain why the ingredients in your dog's food are good or why they are bad. It helps to make an informed decision on what to feed your precious pup.

I strongly recommend everyone sign up for email recall alerts.

I never get any spam from this site and the only things they ever send are the recalls. Receiving these alerts allows me to check my own pantry and forward the email to my friends and relatives who own dogs.

 I have a Shih Tzu, Gracie, and usually a foster dog in my home and I feed Natural Choice Grain Free for small breeds. When my Gracie first came to my home she was itching all the time. No fleas, oatmeal shampoos and regular grooming but still she itched. A Shih Tzu forum suggested a grain free food so I went to Natural Choice and the itching stopped. Yay! It's only a 3 star food on Dog Food Advisor, but she's doing good on it so we're sticking with it for the time being. I also give her Fresh Pet Select for dinner. That's a five star food so hopefully these two foods will give her the balance of nutrients she needs. Gracie came from a puppy mill where she was not well cared for during the first seven years of her life so she needs all the good food she can get!

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