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Monday, February 25, 2013

Behavior of Dogs

Animal rescue can be challenging. Rescue dogs come in all sizes, but sometimes they have one thing in common. A past. Unless they've come into rescue as a puppy, they have an unknown past. A mystery that displays itself in their behavior. Some react defensively. They might growl or snap in self defense. Even though you're not a threat in their life now, they don't forget the bad people who came before. Some react by cowering or hiding. They fear everyone, even those who come to help.

This is Corona. She came into rescue from a "Sanctuary" in Tennessee. I put "Sanctuary" in quotes because I don't believe this place was anything other than a hoarding situation. Corona, and all the other dogs pulled from this same "Sanctuary" display the behaviors of hoarder dogs. She is afraid of all humans. Hoarder usually have so many dogs they don't socialize with each one. Its like a wild pack of animals. They spend their days with the other dogs and occasionally see the human when they come to throw food to the dogs. But I see something else in Corona's behavior. I think she was abused.

In rescue we have a term called; pancake dog. This is when the dog pancakes to the ground and will flatten themselves down when approached by a person. Sometimes they tremble or will roll onto their back to show submission. This behavior is usually seen in dogs that have been abused; hit, kicked, or thrown. Although Corona has been in foster homes since August she still pancakes when I try to pick her up. She'll look at me from across the room and shake. Loud noises have her searching for a place to hide.

Don't get me wrong, she is getting better. She's more relaxed when I pick her up. Will settle on the couch with the other dog. Follows the other dog around and will even play with the other dog in the house. Play is coming slowly. She won't play with humans yet, only my Shih Tzu and only occasionally.

Corona is up for a adoption. A senior dog at 8 to 10 years, she's going to need a quiet home where people are home most of the time. No kids because she needs to relax. She hasn't learned walking on the leash yet, but comes when I call her. Sweet and shy and working on house training.

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