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Sunday, February 16, 2014

No Breeders Welcome!

Yes there are ads on this page, please don't hate it. Truthfully, I never look at them. They rotate automatically and I never know what's popping up. However, today I saw one selling puppies. I was outraged! Selling dogs for profit goes against everything I believe in. There are far too many homeless dogs in shelters and puppy sellers are half the cause of this problem.

I've blocked this ad and will continue to block any ads I see that sell puppies or dogs or any kind of animal. Rescue welcome, breeders go away.

To the Breeders, here's a message for you;

Don't call yourself a "responsible" breeder. There is no such thing. Every dog you breed has the possibility of ending up in an overcrowded shelter. Or, if not spayed, having their puppies end up in a shelter. If you don't believe this then start visiting shelters and count the pure bred dogs sitting in cages, shivering with fear. Most of these, even the purest of pure breds, will not make it out. They'll die there. Look it up, do your research, and maybe you'll stop breeding. I have two dogs in my home who are pure breds. Both ended up in a shelter and, if not pulled by rescue, would have died there. One Chihuahua and one Shih Tzu. Beautiful pure bred dogs, and I've fostered too many pure bred dogs that were dumped in scary high-kill shelters. Every foster family has fostered a pure bred dog.

There's only one reason people breed dogs: GREED. Stop the cycle of homeless dogs dying in shelters. STOP BREEDING!

To all my readers I apologize for the vent, but I was so mad at seeing that ad I just had to say something.

Adopt, don't shop.

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