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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tear Stains and Shih Tzu Dogs

I'm sorry I never came back to tell  you the secret tear stain removal. I didn't mean to leave you hanging but got side tracked with some issues on my book, Soul Mates (Now available on Amazon!) 

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Tear stains plagued my poor little puppy mill survivor but since her health wasn't the best when she arrived I make it my work to keep her as healthy as possible and give her a nice relaxed life. She's my angel and my best friend.

So the thought of treating her with a low level antibiotic (Angel Eyes) or going near those dark, button eyes with any kind of chemical had me cringing in fear. I searched and search for an alternative.There had to be a natural cure out there somewhere!

I posted in forums and every place I could find to ask for a natural way to help my little friend.

Someone told me to only let her drink filtered water from my refrigerator door.
Really? Are you kidding me?

But I tried it. Why not? I have to fill her dish everyday anyway, so why not take the  water from there?

I did nothing, NOTHING else to resolve the tear stain problem. You see the results. Her face and paws (the tears stained her front paws too) are now snowy white. I didn't even realize we had such a dramatic change until i was going through some old photos. These two pics were taken 6 months apart. The result wasn't instant, she improved slowly, but you can see how great she looks now.

Makes me wonder what's in our tap water.....

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