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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dogs, Coats and Fear

Corona wasn't feeling good this morning. I woke up to realize her tummy must have been upset over night. The results were all over the family room floor. She wouldn't eat and didn't want to go out. I put a little coat on her and she still wouldn't go out. I carried her out and she ran back in. Okay, I wasn't going to push it. We keep our house at a cool 68 degrees so I left her little coat on her.

We had a dog adoption day and I had a crate I had to drop off so I left Corona home and took my Shih Tzu, Gracie with me. The adoption day looked like a success, crowds of people checking out the dogs, a few who had completed adoption applications and were approved were picking up their new dogs. I handed over the crate, chatted a bit and then headed home to check on Corona.

When I got home Corona was huddled in the dog bed in the front living room. She didn't come to bark as I came in, she didn't run up for pets. Slowly she followed me into the kitchen and crawled into the bed there. I opened the back door to see if she had to go out and she just looked at me. Right about then I'm thinking we'll be heading to the vet tomorrow.

Now I'm really worried.

So I check her over, she looks fine, isn't whimpering or wincing when I touch her. I take the little coat off her. I turn to fold the coat and put it on the shelf. I turn around and she's up and running for the door, yapping happily. She runs over to the food dish and takes a few bites. Runs up to me wagging her tail.


All this poor sick doggy act because I put a coat on her?
And she's a short haired Chihuahua! She needs a coat when its 30 degrees out!

Just another adventure in fostering.....

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  1. These posts are just too adorible!!! I am really loving this! I hope to be able to foster dogs someday in the future when I have a more permanent home. I have my own dog at the moment, who is adopted, but I would have loved to do more someday. For now I'll just settle on reading things like the ones you write - thank you for sharing!!