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Thursday, June 23, 2011


Tilly's been with me over a month...maybe two months? She's sweet, cuddly and even tempered. She likes my cat and parrot and all other dogs. After fostering for a month you begin to think that maybe this one is going to stay. Perhaps she's meant to be in our house forever.
Sooner or later every foster family goes through this with a certain dog.
Only one other dog stayed this long. Coconut found a great home, one worth waiting for.
Now there's Tilly-Bell. A small Fox Terrier from Tennessee.
She's smart, cute and loves to cuddle. Just to be by your side is her bliss.
Today I got an awesome application for her from a nice couple with 5 cats and another little dog. I called all their references and googled their house, work, names and all that. Everything looks good. Great in fact. They're going to meet Tilly on Saturday.
This is hard....

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