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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Penny the Shy Dachshund

This is Penny. She's 7 months old and had a bad start in life. I don't know exactly what happened to her but she came up from a southern state with a lot of fear. She'd freeze if we even looked at her. Try to pick her up and she'd sink to the floor as if to disappear. Seven months old and there was no fun or life in her. I have to wonder what the hell happened to her before she came into my home. A seven month old puppy should only be thinking about playing and making friends.
Penny's been here three weeks. For the first week she never lifted her tail from between her legs. It stayed down, never wagged, never lifted up. Her eyes were downcast and even when I lifted her chin she would do her best not to meet my eyes.
Week two that tail would come up for wags but only if she was playing with my other foster dog, Leo.
Leo loved everyone and loved to play. He was the one who brought Penny out of her shell and showed her the joy of playing once again. She still wouldn't meet our eyes.
Then Leo was adopted. He went to a great home where he's #1 in his new adopter's eyes.
Week three and Penny's tail is always held high now and wags every time we look at her.
Yesterday she finally looked into my eyes and I almost cried. Sweet Penny is finally opening up to the fact that life can be good and she's among those who love her.
Monday, barring any issue with the Nor'easter heading our way, potential adopters will be over to meet her. I feel bad that she has to be uprooted again and basically start all over but I know she's going to be fine. She's a sweetie.

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