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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Free Spay/Neuter for Large Dogs

From People For Animals:
PFA is Offering FREE of charge spay/neuter for Dogs larger than 45 lbs! (Hillside, NJ)
(PFA) People for Animals is now giving completely FREE spay/neuter for dogs that are over 45 lbs. (before surgery). Please check our prices online on our web site at Low Cost Dog Spay/Neuter | You will realize that our already low cost is cheap to you. If not, just tell the receptionist that you would like to take advantage of the Large Dog Voucher Program once you schedule your pet's surgical procedure. Your dog MUST be greater or equal to 45 lbs. (at the time of surgery) to meet the requirements. The voucher program can cover the whole cost of surgery meant for you if essential. However, if you'll be able to afford to make a donation of any quantity toward the cost of surgery, that can facilitate our funds go further and permits us to reach a lot of animals in need.

*This voucher program is designed to help low income households afford spay/neuter services. If applicable, please use our normal low cost fees.

Call us at 973-282-0890 to schedule a FREE neuter or spay designed for your dog that is 45+ pounds or visit to get additional info.

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